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Get Riding Season Ready

29 February 2020

Get Riding Season Ready

Some ride all year long. Some would rather ride when the weather is warmer. Whichever it is, the riding season opens up with the approach of Spring. 

We have compiled a simple checklist for the average rider to keep you riding your best.


1) Oil Change

2) Battery Check

3) Tire Inspection

4) Is your Service Contract up to par? Has your radio system been updated? We can check, renew and assist you! 

5) If your bike has a security fob, we suggest changing the batteries every year. 

Depending on how long your motorcycle has been sitting and if it's been stabilized or not, you might need a fuel flush or a charging system inspection. If it's been sitting over two years, your brakes and clutch might need to be flushed. 

**If you have any concerns or questions regarding the maintenance of your motorcycle, please talk to one of our Service Writers. 


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3) Don't forget that the DOT lifespan of a helmet is 5 years old. Not sure how old your helmet is? Our Motorclothes Department can check for you. 

4) Download the new Harley-Davidson Riding App- 

Just as we did more than 115 years ago when we put an engine in a frame, we’re finding new ways to get riders out on the road and have more adventures. Now, our all-new Harley-Davidson™ App gives you access to the best tools to get the most out of your time on the road. The app includes GPS & Navigation, Ride Planning, Ride Records, Find Local Dealers & Events, Challenges and even Local Routes Customized to You!

5) Stay a head of bad weather with the King5 Weathercaster App