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Bikers4JoJo Project Launch!

13 February 2019

Bikers4JoJo Project Launch!

Earlier this month, we were able to help make a little girl's dream of riding her Harley-Davidson trike in a real honor ride come true, when our employees and our local HOG chapter held an impromptu honor ride around the building with her as the lead and road captain.

Little Jo Jo just turned 4 years old and has been diagnosed with a rare, progressive degenerative condition called Leigh Syndrome.  It can cause blindness, deafness, seizures, loss of mobility, loss of speech, enlarged heart, feeding problems, breathing problems, liver problems, kidney problems...and more...and has a typical life span of 2 to 3 years, although she has been given a median life span of 5.5 years.

You can read about her story here.

Because this condition is progressive, time is precious for Jo Jo and her family.

After her ride around the building and seeing how happy this made her, we decided to start a special project just for Jo Jo  to see how many other rides she can go on, in a way that will allow her to see all of the places she wishes she could go, by asking bikers all over the world to make her their passengers this riding season.

Marketing manager Jen, created a paper doll version of Jo Jo and invited her to come into the shop and color her own "Travleling Biker JoJo."

We have now turned her "Traveling Biker JoJo" into a file that you can cut out and carry with you when you go on your rides. (Please right click on the image to open it in a new window and download the full resolution sized file for printing!)

Our hope is that we can get as many bikers to take "Traveling JoJo" out on rides this spring and summer and share their photos to our Facebook page as well as Instagram, Twitter and any other social media channels where JoJo and her parents can search for and find images to see where she has traveled to so far!

To participate - please:

1. Follow our facebook page
2. Join our Facebook group - Bikers4JoJo
3. Download, print and cut out your "Traveling Biker JoJo"
4. Take JoJo on rides with you!
5. When you arrive at your destination take photos of JoJo and please have your motorcycles in the photos so she can see them.
6. Upload your photo to her Bikers4JoJo page and your social media channels with the hashtags:
7. Please Tag us in your photos so we can collect them for her!
(Twitter: @soundharley - Instagram: @sound_harleydavidson - Facebook: @soundharleydavidson )
8. Share with as many riders that you can! We want to see JoJo travel all over the world with her global biker family!
9. Help us get JoJo to every state and as many landmarks as we can in the next 6 months.
10. Help us get JoJo to as many countries as possible!

We have also started a gofundme for her family.
If you would like to help - please visit their funding page HERE.

We would also love to have you send postcards to her here at Sound Harley to share about the adventures you took her on!

Please mail your postcards to:
"Traveling Biker JoJo"
C/O Sound Harley-Davidson - Jen Owen
16212 Smokey Point Blvd
Marysville, WA 98271

Thank you for helping us make JoJo's wishes come true.