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Love On 2 Wheels

14 February 2019

Love On 2 Wheels

We had our first ever Sound Harley-Davidson "Love On 2 Wheels" photo and story contest this Valentine's Day and had no idea that we would get so many beautiful love stories to celebrate and share!

We will be featuring the stories of the top 3 winners here on the blog over the next few days but today, we are going to share our Grand Prize winner's story and we hope that you love it as much as we do!

Our Grand prize winners are Ciara and Jayzi who will be treated to a professional photography session with their bikes this spring!

We asked Ciara to share her "Love On 2 Wheels" story with us and this is what she had to say:

"I met the love of my life after I fell in love with his motorcycle."

"I grew up riding dirt bikes with my family and on the back of both my parents Harley-Davidsons. Six years ago I started riding street bikes, I went to a local bike event and saw two baggers that caught my eye. My favorite was the Road King with a 30 inch purple wheel so I took a picture with it." She goes on to share, "Years later a picture of a guy and that bike kept showing up on my Facebook as "people you may know" so my friend requested him. (The reason is a long story). "

"I was in the middle of re-doing my R6 and he was re-doing what is now his red bike. He started messaging me with small talk and asked me about different events. We talked bikes and what we were doing to ours. He said if I ever needed help to let him know. It just so happened I needed to cut my plastics so I could make my lights flush and didn’t have the tools to do it. I asked him if he would be able to help me and he agreed. Since I didn’t know him I had him meet me at my dads house. My dad sat on the porch with his feet kicked up watching his every move. When we were done he asked if I wanted to go get tacos, so we went and had lunch."

Ciara goes on to share, "He kept trying to get me to hang out with him but I wasn’t interested until he used the magic word SEAFOOD dinner. We got to know each other more over dinner!"

"I had a trip planned with my family to go to Mexico,  and then I went I found myself FaceTiming with him most of the trip!  Not too long after I got back, he had planned a ride with Bikers Against Bullies from Las Vegas to California through Oregon over to Spokane," she explains.

"We FaceTimed too a lot throughout his ride and he shared his journey with me. I started to miss him and he asked me if I’d meet him over in Spokane to meet him and his builder friends. I have family over there so I agreed to go. I took him over to meet my grandma. He took her for a ride on the back of his bike and the smile on her face melted my heart. She was finally able to check that off her bucket list. We have been joined at the hip ever since."

"Little did I know that the bike that I fell in love with years ago... I would soon be learning how to ride it. The first Harley I ever learned to ride was his 30” Road King Big Wheel Bagger. He gave me a quick lesson in the neighborhood and then took me to Boeing's parking lot a few days later for another hour and a half training session. Then he told me I was going to ride it to Oyster Run."

"The next trip we took was to Las Vegas for bike week," she shares. "We won first and second place and I won queen of the streets at the Sin City Moto Girls event. I now claim this bike until my build is complete. We attended multiple events in 2018 together but this time when we went to Vegas Bike Week we picked up almost all the parts I need to build my own Big Wheel Bagger, as I just purchased 2008 Street Glide Ultra. We have been working on this build together and he is teaching me to fully customize my Harley-Davidson. I love having a partner that shares this same love and passion for bikes."

Ciara goes on to say, "To ride on the back you have to trust them with your life. I remember when I started riding and thinking to myself I am not ever going to be someone’s “backpack” with a Miss Independent" attitude. I had a change of heart. The feeling I get is indescribable and when he pulls me close because he’s about to punch it or when he puts my hand in his jacket to keep me warm. I love every minute of it of being on the back."

"I also love the look he gets on his face when we are riding side by side," she adds, "and I look over at him and he get the cutest smile that makes me fall in love even more. He looks super proud that I’m his lady."

"We recently realized we went to preschool together. We’d share stories about our memories from there and I was telling a story about cutting my chin open Playing ring around the Rosie and he remembers it happening. I thought that was special how life brought us back together as adults."

"I feel we met our perfect match at the perfect time. For being at a point in my life where I had had it with men, he swooped in, change my mind and stole my heart."