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It's All About The Details!

27 February 2019

It's All About The Details!

When we have a valued customer who brings us his 1999 Fat Boy to prep it for riding season and to revive it from a long "Winter's nap" and storage hiatus we want to make sure he not only leaves here with a road ready bike, but the best customer service we can possibly offer.

After dropping his Harley off with us, we noticed the high level of dust and grime that had accumulated over it's extended vacation from adventuring.

Upon wrapping up the service work on this bike, and with some spare time due to our snow, Mike Marks, our Lead Service Adviser and Part time Detailer Extraordinaire gave it some love and cleaned it up for our client!

Needless to say, the owner was surprised and excited to see it when he came to retrieve his bike and pictures can not express how nice the transformation is!
Our service department goes above and beyond to ensure that our customers leave here happy and satisfied and their bikes are ready to shine out on the road!

To schedule your appointment to get your bike in and get ready for a beautiful riding season, please give us a call at 360.454.5000