Sound Harley-Davidson®
16212 Smokey Point Blvd, Marysville, WA 98271



We are incredibly thankful to our customers who've given us 12 exceptional years of business. Since the time we opened our doors back in September 2006, our dealership has won countless awards from the Motor Company, national contests and our surrounding community. We couldn't be more proud to be the Dealership of Choice to so many riders in the Puget Sound area.

Marysville, WA – Sound Harley-Davidson® earned the prestigious Bronze Bar & Shield Circle of Recognition for the 2016. Presented by Harley-Davidson® Motor Company, this award is given to dealers based on motorcycle and related product sales performance, an evaluation of customer service and satisfaction and various operational measures.

Bronze Bar & Shield award recipients, like Sound Harley-Davidson®, consistently elevate the brand by providing their customers with exceptional and authentic Harley-Davidson® experiences.

Sound Harley-Davidson® is proud to be a Top 100 Dealer In North America for 2014. We're the only Harley® Dealer in Washington State to have won this competition by Dealernews! YES!!! Dealernews, the premier business information resource for North American powersports retailers, announces the winners of the 23rd Annual Top 100 Dealer Awards, the motorcycle and powersports industry's largest, longest running and most prestigious retail competition. Also, we won a Special Merit Award For "BEST EXTERIOR" - Right on!!!

Congratulations to our Business Managers for their commitment with helping our Stateside Active Military Personnel fulfill their dreams of personal freedom of owning a Harley-Davidson® Motorcycle.

Out of 650 dealerships in the Nation, only 50 were awarded with top this honor!

Sound Harley-Davidson® was awarded & recognized by the Harley-Davidson® Motor Company for a 2011 Model Year Bronze Bar & Shield Circle of Achievement Award.

Only the Top 6 Dealerships in the Nation received a Platinum Award in 2010, and we ranked as the #2 Dealer in the country! Huge thanks and congratulations to our customers for making us who we are!

Sound Harley-Davidson® was awarded & recognized by the Harley-Davidson® Motor Company for a 2009 Model Year Gold Bar & Shield Circle of Achievement Award. This prestigious award is based on our exceptional quality levels in motorcycles and related sales, an evaluation of customer service and satisfaction, our facility, skilled and well trained staff and various operational measures! There are over 680 plus dealers in the nation all trying to achieve the excellence that surrounds this award, but only 25 are given the GOLD! We would like to thank all of our customers in helping us achieve this award and recognition from the Motor Company 2 Years In-A-Row, and we look forward to continuing to work hard to exceed your expectations!

Sound Harley-Davidson® was named Dealernews Top 100 Dealers in 2008. It's a premier business-to-business publication for motorcycle, ATV and other powersports dealerships. The Top 100 Awards are the powersports industry’s largest, longest running and most prestigious retail competition, recognizing dealerships for their efforts in retail design and merchandising, marketing and promotion, dedication to customer service, community involvement, and even their internal work environment.

“The winners of this year’s Top 100 Competition demonstrate the commitment of Powersports dealerships to their customer base,” says Mary Slepicka, editorial director of Dealernews and director of the competition. “Judges awarded high marks not so much for what a store has, but what a store is doing with it, and how well it understands its customer base and community.”

The Harley-Davidson® Motor Company recognized Sound Harley-Davidson® for the 2007 Model Year Bronze Bar & Shield Circle of Achievement Award. This award is highly unusual for a business in their first year of operation. "One of the primary reasons the Harley-Davidson® brand has such a tremendous customer loyalty is because of the efforts of dealers such as Sound Harley-Davidson®," said Bill Dannehl, Harley-Davidson®'s Vice President of North American Sales & Dealer Services. This award is given out for many operational measures with the highest quality of excellence. "We are excited and proud to have earned a Bar & Shield Award from the Motor Company for excellence. We have worked hard to exceed our customer expectations wherever possible and to earn their trust and friendship. We will continue to pursue this goal with a passion, to ensure we earn our customer's business everyday of the year," said Scott Smernis, Sound Harley-Davidson® Owner.